Top 4 Reasons to Sell Gift Cards Online

If you’re looking for new ways to grow your business and increase revenue, you should sell your plastic and digital gift cards on your website. Not only is it convenient for your customers, but you can expect some great financial benefits, too. These four reasons should be enough to convince you—and your boss—that online gift cards sales are an important part of your company’s growth strategy.

Online Gift Card Sales Can Increase Your Revenue

When it comes to selling your gift cards online, you know there are plenty of good reasons to engage with your ecommerce shoppers. But do you know how big the opportunity really is? These top four reasons to sell your gift cards on your website make the case pretty clear.

1. eCommerce is growing really, really fast.

According to the WorldPay Global Payment report, ecommerce is expected to surpass $4.6 trillion globally by 2022. The US is expected to show most growth at 65% by 2022.1 That’s a lot of money being spent online, and gift cards—especially digital versions that can be sent right away in an email—are great options for gift givers, especially if they’re last-minute or long-distance shoppers. In fact, our data shows that 22% of all gift card sales are purchased as last-minute gifts, and egifts account for 90% of these sales.

2. Sell Online and Expect a Sales Lift

We’ve helped a lot of well-known brands launch their online gift card sales capabilities using the CashStar platform. Based on this experience, we know that most companies experience a 10% increase in gift card sales when they’re offered via our frictionless, scalable ecommerce services. Layer on our best practices in merchandising and marketing, and we can help you grow sales even more.

3. The Mobile Experience Matters, Too

eCommerce gift card sales are a great idea, but don’t forget that 4 out of 5 Millennials are likely to purchase on their smartphones.2 And when you consider that gift cards continue to be the most requested gift for the twelfth year in a row3, that adds up to a lot of gift card purchases made on mobile. It’s no longer enough to offer a great desktop display—these days, a mobile-optimized online purchasing experience is essential to avoid abandoned carts and increase gift card sales.

4. eGifts Expand Holiday Shopping Opportunities

Ah, the holiday season, full of traditions, celebrations, friend and family—and last-minute shopping opportunities for busy gift givers and procrastinators alike. As the days tick down to gift exchanges, shoppers run out of days to order and receive physical gifts from you. This is where egift cards come in. Delivered nearly instantly, egifts provide the gift of online shopping for what the recipient really wants. The right color, the right size, the right everything—in other words, the perfect gift.

Our history of holiday sales shows that December 24 and 25 account for just over 4% of annual gift card sales, most of which are delivered as egifts at this time of year. Plus, we’ve learned that our ecommerce clients are actually adding 19 extra selling days in the calendar year, including those crucial days around the holidays.

1WorldPay Global Payment Report. November 2018.
2Blackhawk Network Retail Trends and Transformations Study, conducted by Murphy Research, March 2019.
3NRF Holiday Forecast 2018.

These are certainly four compelling reasons to sell your gift cards online. After all, it’s all upside from a sales perspective. If you’re looking to start—or improve—your online gift card sales, talk to us. We offer an ecommerce platform with all the bells and whistles you should expect: a great customer experience; top-notch security and fraud controls; seamless integration with your website without a huge development investment; and all of the support services you need along the way.