Optimize In-Store Gift Card Sales

Ensure you’re getting the most from your in-store program by having the right stock on the right pegs when and where you need it. Velocity Merchandising provides services designed to optimize sales, including merchandising execution, promotions support and strategic reporting to help guide ongoing success.

Velocity Merchandising: In-Store Third Party Gift Cards
In-Store Gift Card Promotions: Disney

Capabilities to Enhance Your In-Store Program

  • Continuity, maintenance & display resets
  • Fixture installations
  • Promotion execution
  • Regulatory & compliance audits
  • Data and photo capture including inventory reporting
  • Customized reporting analytics

Experienced Team

The Velocity Merchandising team is made up of highly trained merchandisers who are employees, rather than contractors. Our teams have a high retention rate and are focused on driving client success.
Velocity Merchandising - Experienced Team

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Best-in-Class In-Store Gift Card Displays

Best-in-Class Execution

Our teams have a 99+% task completion rate. We are dedicated to providing the best service for our clients.

Impactful Insights

We track store engagement, KPI compliance and store inventory to offer insights on compliance, employee engagement and revenue impact.
Impactful Insights for Merchandising
Velocity Merchandising provides powerful technology

Powerful Technology

We have powerful technology to manage schedules, validate task completion and dictate detailed instructions—all connected to our systems for real-time reporting updates and inventory replenishment.