CashStar Velocity Services

CashStar Velocity Services

CashStar Velocity Services are comprehensive service offerings that provide complete management of a merchant’s gift card program, empowering merchants so that you can focus on your core business, knowing your gift card program is in expert hands. We serve as a seamless extension of the merchant’s team—providing access to industry best practices, best-in-class execution and highly scalable operations.

Velocity B2B Bulk Gift Card solutions - Uber

Velocity B2B

Take Advantage of the $26 Billion B2B Gift Card Opportunity

Velocity B2B offers end-to-end agency services to help merchants manage and grow your business-to-business gift card program with minimal resource investment.

Velocity Merchandising

Optimize In‑Store Gift Card Sales

Velocity Merchandising provides services designed to optimize in‑store sales, including both merchandising execution and strategic reporting to help guide ongoing success.

Velocity Merchandising - Sell Third Party Gift Cards In-Store
Velocity Gift Card Management: Dunkin Donuts

Velocity Card Management

Maximize Your Operational Efficiency & Save Resources

Velocity Card Management offers merchants production, design, fulfillment and management services specifically tailored to address their first party gift card needs.