Digitally Send Physical Gifts Directly From Your Website

Consumers spend about $670B on gifts each year, but online gifting creates challenges for everyone involved. CashStar Product eGifting improves the gift-giving experience for online shoppers, ensures gift recipients get exactly what they want, and enables retailers to grow revenue and reduce costly product returns.

Send physical gifts from the Nordstrom website

CashStar Product eGifting lets you send physical gifts from Johnston & Murphy

Convenient, Personalized Gifting

Online shoppers can digitally send physical gifts by email directly from your ecommerce site without needing to know details like size or shipping address.

Seamless eGift Recipient Experience

Recipients get exactly what they want because they can customize the size and style of the gift or choose a different gift. They can even opt for a gift card instead.
Send physical gifts from Smashbox and let your recipient choose the color
Let your recipient personalize your gift from Belk

Flexible to Align With Your Brand

Select the implementation and configuration options that are right for your customers, your brand and your ecommerce environment.

Leverage the Power of Your Existing Systems

Upsell gift recipients, link gifting to existing customers and account for transactions using your existing systems. No complex integrations or siloed gift giving experiences.
Leverage the power of your existing systems to send physical gifts

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CashStar Product eGifting uses leading security solutions

Proven, Scalable and Secure

Runs on the leading prepaid commerce platform that processes more than $2 billion in transactions annually and is trusted by 400+ brands, including some of the world’s leading retailers.

Industry-Leading Fraud Solution

Eliminate fraud, maximize revenue and ensure a great customer experience with the industry’s highest approval rates and fastest turnaround times.
CashStar Product eGifting uses the industry-leading fraud solution

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