CashStar Commerce

CashStar Commerce Solutions

The CashStar Commerce Platform powers gift card ecommerce and customer engagement at multiple touch points across the entire customer lifecycle. With our flexible and secure solutions, leading merchants have everything they need to directly market, sell and distribute digital and physical gift cards across channels and devices.
CashStar Consumer Solutions

CashStar Consumer

The Best Experiences for Your Customers and Your Brand

CashStar Consumer is the industry-leading consumer ecommerce gifting solution that powers gift card experiences for the world’s top brands.

CashStar Gift Card Mall

Sell Third Party Gift Cards via a White Label eCommerce Mall

CashStar Gift Card Mall provides a fully hosted ecommerce experience to engage your customers with over 700 leading brands.
Kroger Third Party Gift Card Mall
CashStar Product eGifting with Nordstrom

CashStar Product eGifting

Digitally Send Physical Gifts Directly From Your Website

Consumers spend about $670B on gifts each year, but online gifting creates challenges for everyone involved. CashStar Product eGifting improves the gift-giving experience for online shoppers, ensures gift recipients get exactly what they want, and enables retailers to grow revenue and reduce costly product returns.

CashStar Business

Scale and Automate Your B2B Gift Card Program

B2B sales make up more than 20% of the overall gift card market, but managing a B2B program can be time-intensive and risky without the proper technology solution. CashStar Business allows merchants to efficiently and securely manage all aspects of their B2B program, allowing more time to focus on working with buyers and growing sales.
CashStar Business Bulk Gift Card Solutions
CashStar Marketing & Promotions

CashStar Marketing

Optimize the Reach and Impact of your Gift Card Program

The highest-performing gift card programs have one thing in common: comprehensive use of gift cards for promotions and marketing campaigns. CashStar marketing gives you everything you need to grow gift card sales and drive consumer engagement.

CashStar Assist

Better Customer Service with Branded Currency

Customers learn a lot about a brand through the service experience it provides. Using gift cards for merchandise returns, warranty claims, trade-in programs, remediation and appeasement deepens engagement, improves satisfaction and offers a better customer experience. CashStar Assist supports the use of branded currency for customer service and tailors it to fit your organization’s needs.
The Home Depot product warranty and consumer appeasement


Operational Support to Ensure Success

Gift card programs are complex. To be successful you need operational services that scale and resources to support you in reaching your goals and growing sales. CashStar has mature, tested teams of domain experts dedicated to supporting you at every stage of your gift card program. Our teams work on a business model that aligns our goals with yours and incentivizes shared success.