Value-Added Services

Manage prepaid commerce with confidence—from planning through launch and beyond – with CashStar’s Value-Added Services.

Driving exceptional prepaid commerce success relies on more than technology. In addition to the CashStar Commerce platform, CashStar offers a comprehensive, end-to-end solution with a robust set of services to ensure merchants succeed with prepaid commerce programs. Our value-added services are designed to support merchants through every stage of prepaid commerce operations – from design to launch, through to ongoing optimization and revenue growth. CashStar’s client success model is focused on collaborative success, with dedicated advocates serving as liaison to additional teams of functional experts – ensuring that brands can focus on running their businesses with confidence to scale.



Leverage Deep Expertise

Partner with highly knowledgeable experts to guide prepaid commerce strategy and drive ongoing growth and optimization, with a designated client success manager to serve as a single point of contact for engagement across CashStar.

Reduce Internal Resources

Manage prepaid commerce programs with minimal resource requirements with end-to-end operational support, including initial solution design and ongoing management of key functional areas such as customer care, finance, and technical support.

Confidence to Scale

Grow prepaid commerce programs with confidence, relying on CashStar to provide expert strategic guidance and ensure business continuity at scale, with proven expertise in cloud platform management.