Holiday Promotions: 7 Reasons Why Timing is Everything

Webinar: Holiday Promotions: 7 Reasons Why Timing is Everything

The power and benefit of gift cards to merchants is undeniable—gift cards drive customer acquisition, incremental visits, up spend, engagement and loyalty, all while locking in future spending for your brand. With today’s consumers showing strong preferences for gift cards over other marketing incentives, merchants have an opportunity to leverage gift cards in promotions to achieve sales and marketing goals, especially for the ever important Q4 holiday season.

By understanding the various components and levers within a gift card-based promotion, marketers can optimize their campaigns with more flexibility than in the traditional marketing promotions tool kit. It’s critical to consider time-based factors—beyond just when to run your promotion.

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Seven time-based considerations for planning a gift card promotion

For example, determining campaign length, using redemption windows, timing online vs. in-store promotions for omnichannel success, and more

How to approach metrics for your promotion

What metrics to evaluate, how metrics help secure internal buy in and guidance on objective setting for your next promotion

Insights into what it takes to turn an ordinary promotion into an extraordinary success

Examples of unique promotions that take advantage of innovative technology and creative offers
Beth Dembia, Head of Customer Success
Beth Dembia
Head of Customer Success, CashStar
Monique Brown, Senior Manager, Customer Success
Monique Brown
Senior Manager, Customer Success, CashStar
TJ Zarro, Senior Technical Account Manager
TJ Zarro
Senior Technical Account Manager, CashStar