2018 NAPCO Research Merchant Gift Card eCommerce Evaluation

This annual report provides a cross-platform assessment of 100 leading brands’ gift card ecommerce programs. This in-depth evaluation assessed a wide array of criteria, including the online purchase and recipient experiences of digital and physical gift cards.


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Omnichannel is Important

Year over year, the research shows improvement in brands’ mobile web & mobile app purchase experiences. However, overall the mobile experience is still not at parity with desktop experience, this is still an area to focus on.

Connecting to Every Consumer

Making gift cards accessible to every consumer means being compliant with the American Disabilities Act. Some brands are beginning to figure this out.

Engaging Customers in Unique Ways

Brands are able to stay ahead by leveraging technology to engage with customers (personalization, contextual commerce, etc.) Savvy brands are catering to self-use gift card buyers by curating different purchase experiences per customer use cases.