CashStar Business

B2B sales make up more than 20% of the overall gift card market, but managing a B2B program can be time-intensive and risky without the proper technology solution.CashStar Business can not only be be tailored to your program needs to help you maintain control of your specific brand and buyers, it also has advanced system security features.

Comprehensive B2B Capabilities

CashStar Business supports all aspects of your B2B program—from B2B buyer registration and discount management through ordering, approval, payment and delivery.

Easy and Efficient for B2B Buyers

CashStar Business makes it easy for your B2B buyers to do business with you. With secure online ordering and payment, fully automated delivery, 24/7 access and both order and card-level tracking, buyers have everything they need to make you a preferred brand.

Promotions to Fuel Growth

Drive sales, acquire new customers and deepen B2B buyer relationships by offering special programs—including custom and co-branded cards—to one, some or all B2B buyers.