Improving the B2B Gift Card Buyer Experience to Drive Sales

Webinar: B2B Gift Card Buyers Experience

Streamlined customer buy flows, enhanced personalization capabilities, and acceptance of the newest mobile payment methods are a few examples of how most merchants are leveraging technology to better engage with their customers in the direct-to-consumer gift card marketplace. In the B2B gift card space however, merchants have yet to tap into the full benefit of evolving technology. With B2B sales making up 20% of the overall gift card market, it is crucial that merchants adopt modern ecommerce capabilities to improve the B2B customer experience from phone and fax orders to strategically-marketed online portals. Brands that don’t focus on their B2B buyers are missing out on creating positive experiences with their brand, and a big opportunity for program growth.

Watch this webinar to learn:

Common friction points in typical B2B gift card programs

Tools available to improve the B2B buyer experience

How to leverage technology and other strategies


Peter Lowell – Moderator
Customer Success Manager, CashStar

Hollis Thornton
Senior Account Executive, Velocity B2B

Jason Mineo-Goggin
Senior Product Manager, CashStar