2018 Consumer Research Report

CashStar recently published a consumer research report based upon the results of a 2018  consumer survey conducted by Leger on behalf of Blackhawk Network. The online survey was completed by 3,030 American consumers and included questions about their behaviors regarding the purchase, receipt, and use of gift cards. Gain access to key highlights from this data, which includes important insights to improve gift card programs. Download the 2018 Consumer Research Report to learn about:

Emerging Gift Card Motivations & Behaviors

These vary across purchasers and recipients as well as by age range and other demographic markers and can impact overall gift card sales.  

Personalization & Promotions Preferences

Consumers have a sophisticated palate when it comes to personalization options and promotions. Get insights into how both can have positive impacts for retailers. 

How to Meet Consumer Demands

Growing consumer demands and emerging technology are driving the evolution of gift card trends. Learn how to enhance your gift card program to meet these new demands.