Gift Card Merchandising Webinar

Webinar: Gift Card Merchandising: Maximizing Your Q4 and Planning for 2019

With 80% of shoppers planning to purchase at least one gift card in the holiday season, in-store gift cards offer a convenient gifting option for consumers. Merchants that recognize the opportunity to bring continuity to their in-store merchandising efforts are well positioned for program success.

Webinar: Seven Considerations for Gift Card Promotions

Holiday Promotions: 7 Reasons Why Timing is Everything

Today’s consumers expect promotions and deals and are motivated heavily by offers to make purchases. They also show strong preference for gift cards over other marketing incentives, which is something all merchants can leverage to make...


Webinar: B2B Gift Card Buyer Experience

Improving the B2B Gift Card Buyer Experience to Drive Sales

With B2B sales making up 20% of the overall gift card market, it is crucial that merchants adopt modern ecommerce capabilities to improve the B2B gift card buyer experience from phone and fax orders to strategically-marketed...


Webinar: Commerce Strategy

Analyst Access: Evaluating Gift Card eCommerce

In this webinar, Director of Research, NAPCO Media, Nathan Safran shares unpublished data from the...


Webinar: Accelerate Your B2B Gift Card Business

Accelerate Your B2B Gift Card Business

With $26B up for grabs annually, there is great opportunity available to brands that actively engage and participate in this market. Industry veteran Tom Boucher covers the key things that you need to know and do to grow your B2B business.

Webinar: Gift Cards as Marketing Incentives

Capitalizing on the Power of Gift Cards as Marketing Incentives

Now is the time to learn more about how gift cards can be used as marketing incentives to drive ROI for all your organization’s marketing programs!

Webinar: Product eGifting

Gifting is Hard. Make it Easier with Product eGifting

Gifting is hard. CashStar’s new Product eGifting solution improves gifting experiences for everyone by allowing consumers to send physical gifts by email.

Webinar: Holiday Promotions Through a Prepaid Commerce Lens

NRF Big !deas – 2015 Holiday Promotions Through a Prepaid Commerce Lens

Learn about results and trends of holiday promotions, why gift-card based campaigns are powerful alternatives to discounts, and takeaways for the future.

Webinar: Are You Getting Out-Gifted? 2016 DIgital Gifting Benchmark Study

Are You Getting Out-Gifted?

Discover which retail brands use gift card programs for marketing promotions, product warranties, customer appeasement and product returns. Are you?