Exchange Network

Leverage CashStar’s established ecosystem to reach new business-to-business distributors and easily create new revenue streams. Comprised of a growing roster of 80+ distributors in several categories, the Exchange Network enables CashStar Commerce clients to expand prepaid commerce revenue opportunities. CashStar manages the end-to-end relationships and provides performance insights, minimizing time and effort needed to drive and optimize business growth.


Loyalty & Incentives

Gift cards are a perennial favorite mechanism for consumers to redeem loyalty points and be rewarded or recognized. Expand reach by bringing brand offerings to the leading points-based rewards programs as well as specialist firms driving customer and employee loyalty and incentive marketing for major organizations.


Scrip & Resellers

Effortlessly scale growth by making prepaid offerings available through major business-to-business resellers, including traditional distributors and fundraising-driven scrip programs.


Social & Mobile

Consumers are increasingly turning to specialized apps to manage tasks, create social interactions, and make purchase decisions. Seamlessly bring digital prepaid offerings to an array of in-app points-of-purchase through apps and web services.


Flash Sale & Promotions

Flash sales have become a powerful marketing tactic, with millions of consumers discovering new brands and reconnecting with old favorites through daily deal notifications. Tap into this behavior and expand reach to new audiences to sell digital gift cards at scale.