What Should Marketers Do Differently in 2016?

Originally published by Ginger Conlon, Editor-in-Chief on Direct Marketing News.

It’s time for marketing professionals to resolve to rethink and reinvent their approach to driving customer actions.

How marketers can be driving customer actions in 2016Complacency is not an option in today’s marketplace. Changeable buying behavior, channel and technology proliferation, data profusion&mdashthese are just a few of the realities marketers face today that necessitate transformation. Whether it’s improving on marketing strategies that work or taking an entirely new approach, marketers must shake up their practices in 2016.

Knowing where to start or what’s most essential to improve on can seem overwhelming with so many possibilities. So, DMN asked 15 marketing leaders to provide insight into what they think should marketers do differently in 2016 to attract, convert, and retain more customers. Here, their advice. Scroll to read their opinions, or click the image above to download the full PDF.