What Makes a ‘Genius’ in Digital Customer Engagement?

Originally published by Jim Tierney, Loyalty360.

Digital is moving so fast these days, especially as mobile seems to gain more momentum with each passing hour.

Nordstrom is considered a "Genius" in Digital Customer Engagement

Nordstrom is considered a “Genius” in Digital Customer Engagement

Digital customer engagement today seems an imperative for brands seeking to stay at the head of the customer loyalty pack.

L2 released a variety of reports in recent months, ranking brand aptitude when it comes to digital prowess. It ranks retailers’ overall digital IQ from four areas: Site and ecommerce skills, digital marketing, social media, and mobile strategies. In the retail category, four brands attained L2’s Genius status: Nordstrom, Kohl’s, J.C. Penney, and Macy’s.

Gerry Gilbert, Vice President, Product, CashStar, told Loyalty360 that the common thread among the top performers in the L2 report is that these retailers “put their customers’ wants and needs at the center of their digital efforts. One area where CashStar is seeing a large customer-centric focus is digital gift cards. In 2015 alone, gift card sales reached nearly $130 billion, with digital gift cards showing the greatest growth of any segment, up 26% over the previous year to more than $7 billion. High performers like those ranked in the report are taking notice of the many ways in which a digital gift card program can be leveraged to drive sales, engagement, and loyalty. These brands are providing key features consumers demand—like personalized messages and design options. In addition, they are integrating gift cards into their promotional strategies during critical sales periods, like the Q4 holiday season, to drive engagement and loyalty as well as future sales. As consumers become more digitally savvy, retailers should take note of how these top performers are positioning gift cards as a key element of their digital strategies.”