Uber starts selling digital gift cards online

Originally published by Mariella Moon on Engadget

You can send Uber e-gift cards straight to your recipient’s email address.

Uber e-gift cardsUber has made it much easier to buy Uber e-gift cards for friends, family and anyone else who paid for your fare in the past. You can now get digital gift cards straight from Uber’s website and send them straight to someone else’s email address. The company started selling physical gift cards through retailers back in September, but now you only have to click a few buttons to get one.

If you’ve ever bought e-gift cards from websites that use CashStar’s program, such as Sephora, the process will look very familiar. You can choose the digital card’s design, write a note to go with it and choose the amount you want to give. The ride-sharing company says your recipients can use what they get to pay for either a ride or an UberEATS purchase if the latter’s available where they live.