The Convergence of Mobile and Digital Gifting – A Silver Lining for Retailers

There’s no doubt that the past few years have been challenging ones for the retail and payments industries, but a silver lining has emerged from the storm. Mobile payments are quickly becoming a hotspot of activity and digital gifting has arrived, serving as an accelerant for the prepaid industry. Both are positive indicators that the recession is behind us and that the digital age is upon us. Although many questions remain unanswered and some even unasked, the convergence of mobile payments and prepaid likely will drive several new growth opportunities.

Mobile Payments Continue to Roll, But in Which Direction?

Every day there are new announcements and developments in mobile payments. There are existing players, new entrants, some strange unions and many emerging strategies—making direction a bit unclear. Will there be continued divergence? Or, at some point will we finally see convergence and agreement among the many players concerning standards and shared infrastructure? If not, it will be a long time before we see mass adoption of mobile payments.