Size? Color? Nordstrom eGifting helps shoppers send a gift and recipients fill in the details

Originally published by Kurt Schlosser on GeekWire.

Nordstrom is adding a new shopping option called eGifting that makes it easy to send a gift this holiday season — and also takes the pressure off knowing such details as size and color of an item or the shipping location for the person on the receiving end.

Nordstrom digital options

Nordstrom and CashStar, a digital gift-card platform company, lets Nordstrom customers select a gift online and then have the recipient pick their own size, color and other details.

Shoppers at can select a gift and send it with a personal message directly to its recipient by email, the company announced on Tuesday. The recipient who receives the email is prompted to personalize details, so if they wanted a red sweater in medium instead of green in small, that’s not on you.

Furthermore, if your sister in Florida thinks a sweater was a bad idea, she has the option to receive a digital gift card without having to notify you that she made the switch.

“Starting with the holiday season, Nordstrom is excited to offer customers eGifting as another easy way to pick a thoughtful gift for anyone on their list on short notice,” Sean Burrow, director, gift card at Nordstrom, said in a news release. “Once the recipient receives it, they can personalize the gift to tailor to their needs or if they prefer, select another gift or opt to receive the value as a gift card.”