Shoppers Start Adding Digital Gift Cards to Apple’s Passbook Wallet

While the hype over mobile wallets continues unabated, some retailers are demonstrating that mobile wallets can indeed be put to good use. 60 retail clients of CashStar, a provider of digital gift cards that retailers brand, have enabled their cards, through CashStar integration, to be saved in Passbook, the mobile wallet available on Apple Inc. iPhone and iPod Touch devices running the iOS6 mobile operating system. Passbook is part of iOS6.

25% of CashStar eGift Card recipients on an Apple iOS 6 device add their cards to their Passbook wallets, CashStar says. 30% of e-mailed eGift Cards are opened on a smartphone, and 50% of those smartphones run iOS6. 6% of all CashStar eGift Cards are added to Passbook; this represents millions of dollars, CashStar says.