Sephora’s Digital Gifting Revenue Takes Off with CashStar

Sephora is experiencing a digital gifting revenue growth rate that is eight times faster after its integration with prepaid commerce solution CashStar Commerce, proving that offering the capability on standalone mobile applications can ramp up gift card sales.

The makeup retailer has been able to augment its omnichannel efforts as well as its prepaid commerce program. By partnering up with CashStar, the brand is now able to allow customers to instantly purchase and send personalized digital gift cards from any smartphone, tablet or desktop.

“As consumers become more mobile, it makes sense to put digital gifts at their fingertips across their mobile devices,” said Gary Lombardo, vice president of marketing at CashStar, Portland, ME. “Mobile is key in driving consistency in Sephora’s gifting experience, in both the experience of purchasing the gift card, but also the receiving and redemption of gift cards.”