Sephora rewards social media users without having to go private

Originally published by Brielle Jaekel, Mobile Commerce Daily.

Sephora is taking its social engagement strategy one step further by adopting a solution that will reward users with gift cards via social media.

Sephora rewards social mediaBuilding on top of its previous relationship with prepaid commerce solutions vendor CashStar, Sephora will be interacting with consumers on social media with a bigger focus on monetary experiences using CashStar’s Social Engagement program. Loyal customers or those who have had issues with customer service will be able to receive Sephora gift cards directly through social media applications.

“Sephora has embraced innovation and the powerful use of social and mobile marketing to engage consumers and deliver a compelling omnichannel experience,” said Ben Kaplan president and CEO of CashStar.

Social media and Sephora
Retailers are often forced to head to private channels and platforms to solve a problem or reward a loyal follower on social media, which can cause many to drop off and not respond or create communication issues in general. Sephora is hoping to rectify that by reducing the steps in the process.

Partnering with CashStar will allow Sephora to share egift cards directly on whichever social media platform the interaction is taking place, without having to jump to email or phone. Sephora can simply respond on Twitter with the egift card without allowing others access.