Restaurant Marketing Watch: Operators Try to Stand Out with Gift Card Offers

Apparently, consumers used to feel guilty about giving gift cards, but they don’t anymore, according to gift card provider CashStar. Now the recipients of gift cards feel guilty asking for a gift that has a clear cash value, CashStar said.

According to its survey, 60 percent of consumers say they want a gift card this season, but 30 percent feel too guilty to ask for them. The top two reasons: 62 percent said they don’t like asking for anything, and 61 percent said it feels the same as asking for cash. Another 45 percent said it doesn’t feel personal enough.

However, Ben Kaplan, president and chief executive of CashStar said: “Digital gift cards, and the ability to personalize them with photos, videos and special messages, has done a lot to combat the perception of gift cards being impersonal gifts.”

Needless to say, Kaplan feels it’s time to get over gift card guilt.