Research Identifies ‘Brand Mavens’ Transforming Retail

Connecting with “Brand Mavens,” shoppers who are digitally engaged and brand loyal with a strong peer influence and significant purchasing power, is critical to the long-term success of retailers, according to a CashStar/Texas A&M Center for Retail Studies study that polled 1,300 consumers.

“It’s clear from our research that Brand Mavens are an important segment with significant purchasing power and tremendous peer influence,” Retail TouchPoints Editor-in-Chief, Debbie Hauss, said in a statement. “Understanding how to identify and engage these ultimate brand advocates will be core to the success of every consumer-facing brand.”

Brand Mavens actively motivate consumers in their circle of influence to try new brands and purchase more, initially through the use of gift cards, according to the study. When combined with loyalty rewards, coupons and promotional offers as a way to manage all purchasing interactions with a brand, gift cards become a form of branded currency and are even more desirable to Brand Mavens.