Rapid Growth of Digital Payments Fuels CashStar’s Expansion to New Old Port Offices

One of Maine’s fastest-growing companies is growing up, and doing it in style. CashStar, which manages digital gift card systems for major retailers like Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts, moved into new Old Port offices in October, growing its footprint in the city by more than 50 percent and consolidating from three separate offices that CEO Ben Kaplan said left no room to expand.

“It was great for the early days,” Kaplan said. “But as we’ve grown very fast, we were constantly pressed for space.”

Shortly after Kaplan took the helm of the company about a year ago, CashStar grabbed a second office and later a third, accommodating its growth in the market for digital gift cards but leaving the company split across two buildings.

“We had successes and worked through it, but I think that it’s benefitting everyone in the company to be in an integrated building with a really open floor plan,” Kaplan said.