Product eGifting Takes the Pain Out of Gift Giving for Everyone

Historically, gifting has been a challenge for all stakeholders involved. Product eGifting changes that.

On one hand, gift givers need to have a lot of information before they can select the right gift for the recipient. They need to be able to answer questions like what are the recipient’s interests? What are their favorite brands? Does the gift send the right message? On the recipient side, if they do not like the product they receive, they’re tasked with the hassle of returning or exchanging it, while retailers are burdened with the often costly task of processing those returns and exchanges.

A classic solution has been to purchase a gift card. But the fact of the matter is gift cards are not right for every gifting situation. In fact, in some instances purchasing a gift card can be perceived as last minute and impersonal, forcing shoppers to purchase physical gifts for the sake of avoiding being labeled as thoughtless and uncaring (despite the fact that many recipients want to receive gift cards).

To help retailers and consumers alike ease the pain associated with gift giving, CashStar recently launched a new solution called Product eGifting, which enables online shoppers to digitally send physical gifts by email directly from a retailer’s ecommerce site. Product eGifting improves the gift-giving experience for online shoppers by ensuring gift recipients get exactly what they want. Also, it enables retailers to take advantage of the $500 billion gifting market, grow revenue and reduce product returns.

Let’s take a closer look at the benefits Product eGifting has to offer.

Quick, Easy and Thoughtful Gifting
Product eGifting enables consumers to strike the tricky balance between thoughtfulness and convenience when it comes to gifting. With the new solution, they can select gifts, add personal messages, schedule delivery dates and pay using any payment options accepted by the retailer, including private label credit cards. Since gifts are then delivered via email, shoppers save time and avoid the stress of tracking down details like sizes and shipping addresses.