Passbook Affirms Bar Code Payments

Not that CashStar Inc. needed validation for its bar code-centered virtual gift card network, but along came Apple Inc. with the latest version of the iPhone and its new Passbook feature – a mobile wallet driven by the scanning and loading of bar codes. David Stone, Chief Executive Officer at CashStar, declared the technology giant’s decision to throw its considerable mobile market footprint behind bar code payments as a good sign for CashStar and for the digital gifting industry as a whole.

“When CashStar pioneered virtual gift cards, we were very focused on bar codes, rendering that paint on a mag stripe into a bar code,” Stone said. “That’s how we got started. That’s what we thought would be ‘it.’ Everybody thought we were crazy when we started it and, lo and behold, now arguably the largest company in the world has gone the bar code route.”.