Nordstrom unveils new e-gifting program [VIDEO]

Originally published by Baruch Shemtov on Fox 5 New York.

One department store is trying to save people this year from the awkwardness of giving or receiving a bad gift.

Fox 5: Nordstrom e-gifting program

Fox 5 in New York covered the new Product eGifting program at Nordstrom.

Fox 5 in New York covered the new Product eGifting program at Nordstrom.[/caption]

Nordstorm is helping its customers find the perfect holiday present.

With Nordstrom’s new e-Gifting program, customers can send a gift instantly through email, allowing the recipient to choose the appropriate size and color and, if they don’t like the gift altogether, they can redeem it for a gift card on the spot, instead of taking the time to return the gift.

“I think it’s a win-win for giver and receiver,” said Trae Bogg.

This new initiative will streamline the Holiday shopping experience according to Trae Bodge, Smart Shopping Expert at

“I think this helps take the guess work out of shopping. They can accept that guess or not, and I think it gives more flexibility on both sides,” she said.

When it comes to retailers, Bodge thinks this can help prevent returns, “Overall, according to NRF returns last year were at 15%, which causes a lot of shrinkage for retailers. Allows retailer to keep investor and the customer doesn’t have to go through trouble of returning something afterwards,” she said.

Bodge also said that it will likely become a trend throughout the industry. “With the popularity of gift cards, it shows that people want control. Others will do that once they see if Nordstrom has success. Nordstrom has an open return policy, so it’ll be interesting to see how it plays out at the end of the season.”