Gift Cards: More Are Buying Them, and Happy About It

Originally published by Steven Anderson, Payment Week.

A new study from CashStar and Libran Research & Consulting shows customers are satisfied with the online gift card purchase process.

Gift card buyers say they're happy.For some, it’s the ultimate expression of gifting utility.

For others, it’s the last word in lazy gift. It’s the gift card, one step away from forking over a wad of wrapped cash.

Increasingly, according to a study from Libran Research & Consulting and CashStar, customers are pretty happy about buying and using gift cards, and more of them are making the purchases.

The study looked not only at the numbers of gift card purchases, but also how satisfied the purchasers were, what level of personalization was important, and a set of other points.

The good news, at least for CashStar, was that 91 percent of respondents were happy with the online gifting experience, suggesting that few changes need to be made at CashStar.

Essentially, gift cards are becoming a huge part of the payments world, and with good reason. It’s spectacularly easy to pick up a gift card at many stores, and some larger grocery stores or gas stations actually stock gift cards near cash registers, almost an impulse buy item.

The full report can be downloaded from the CashStar Resource Center.