We Found The Ultimate Hack For Last Minute Holiday Shoppers

Originally published by Nikki Brown on Essence.

No wrapping required.

Are you still holiday shopping? Unless you were smart enough to get it done early, chances are those stress levels have reached an entirely new high. And you’re feeling like this:

Last Minute Holiday ShoppersAt this point, we typically resort to all-in-one retailers, like Nordstrom. It carries just about everything, from clothes to makeup and even home decor. Chances are you’ve already perused the website for potential gifts, so this year, they’ve teamed up with CashStar for a move that is sure to satisfy holiday shoppers with a severe case of procrastination.

Instead of nervously waiting for online orders to arrive in a timely fashion, you can eliminate that step all together by sending electronic gifts directly to friends and family; no wrapping required. What they’ll see is an email with the Nordstrom products you purchased for them inside. Should they accept the gift, it will be automatically shipped.

And if they don’t like it, the gift can be exchanged for other merchandise or turned into a gift card of equal value. Consider it a happy medium between shopping for something truly special and the generic gift cards that bear zero originality.