Five Key Trends Driving Gift Card Success

Who doesn’t like a gift card? Today’s gift card has become more personal and more pictorial and no one is complaining when they open it up whether it be in an envelope or on their digital screen. The next big reveal is on your smartphone. 

E-Gift Card Adoption Surges

Ben Kaplan, president and CEO of CashStar, the digital gifting company that provides the technology platform for many leading brands such as Starbucks, Pottery Barn and The Home Depot, discussed the e-gift card phenomenon at The Prepaid Press Expo. Kaplan was joined by Mike Fletcher, general manager of digital solutions, InComm, and Tomas Campos, general manager of online and mobile, Blackhawk Network, to discuss the rapidly growing market for mobile payments, the future of mobile wallets, and the critical role that digital gift cards play in the mobile payments ecosystem. 

E-gifting and the digital gift card experience continue to grow as people become more proficient on smartphones, noted Ben Kaplan. “People have to feel good about giving gift cards,” Kaplan said. “Personalization gives digital gift cards more credibility and the stigma of giving gift cards is going away.”