Drive More Sales to Your Business: CashStar’s All-in-One Gift Card Program Does All the Work for You

Originally published by Lindsey Carman, DealCrunch

Gift cards — usually a rectangle-sized, plastic form of currency for brands — were one of the first gifting alternatives for people who forgot about a birthday and quickly needed to buy a present on the go.

CashStar's Gift Card ProgramPlucking one off the shelf took just a few minutes and gave the recipient the opportunity to buy whatever he or she wanted. After being named the most requested holiday gift since 2008, gift cards have become more than an instant gratification tool for consumers; they’ve transformed into one of the best tactics for driving a retailer’s sales.

Enter CashStar, an innovative company that simplifies gift card programs for big-box retailers and restaurants with state-of-the-art features. The brand quietly powers some of the most successful gift card and rewards platforms — like Starbucks’ “pay $5 for a $10 e-gift card” deal and Landry’s 33% growth in online gift card sales — to help them acquire new customers, keep current shoppers coming back, and increase overall revenue. As “the industry’s first digital gifting and incentives platform,” CashStar makes waves in the retail industry by driving sales to businesses like yours.

Rewarding customers is a great way to build a loyal audience, especially with retail consumers. With so many competitors in this industry, it’s important to establish a relationship with your customers and be in tune with their wants and needs.

CashStar, an innovative digital gifting platform, is the next revolution in customer rewards. Instead of giving customers coupons and complicated cash-back opportunities, CashStar helps businesses offer digital gift cards they’ll love to use in return for being loyal customers.

Now shoppers can earn gift cards to spend at stores they love.

“Our mission is to enable retailers to transform their customer experiences using digital and mobile gift cards,” said Ben Kaplan, the CEO of CashStar.