Data Drivers: Digital Gifting by the Numbers

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Gerry Gilbert, VP of products at CashStar, tells Karen Webster what’s keeping 10 percent of retailers from making one of the easiest sales they could ever make.

Gerry Gilbert, Vice President, Marketing

Gerry Gilbert tells Data Drivers how 10 percent of retailers aren’t using their digital gifting programs effectively.

In retailing, as a Nobel laureate once wrote (and sort of sang!), “the times they are a-changin” — a sentiment that extends handily to gift cards. No longer confined to being silly (or maybe saccharine) cards tucked into envelopes, gifting can be a quick and painless digital pursuit.

Unless retailers make it hard.

And surprisingly, a number of retailers are missing the boat when it comes to digital gifting. In a recent study by RSR Research, some merchants proved to have a long way to go when it comes to satisfying consumers looking for a seamless gifting experience. As part of the latest Data Drivers installment, Gerry Gilbert, vice president of product at CashStar, weighed in with Karen Webster on some of the most significant digital gifting stats from the research.