CashStar Turns Incentives Into Social Engagement

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CashStar uses social media to connect with consumers.

Retailers who haven’t embraced social media yet on at least some level are behind the curve, and CashStar is looking to make it a little easier to incorporate social media into operations by connecting it to loyalty programs and incentives.

It’s all part of a new program called CashStar Social Engagement, and it takes things everyone wants anyway and connects these to social media.

CashStar Social Engagement, as described by its vice president of product Gerry Gilbert, represents a new way to use social media to not only drive revenue growth, but also improve return on investment (ROI) with a series of social tools.

CashStar Social Engagement users get access to flash promotions and a means to track and respond issues via social media.

Users can follow the impact of social promotions and even trace individual customer issues, along with the resolutions therein.

Since it’s an enhancement of the CashStar Marketing system and the CashStar Commerce prepaid platform, most of the current features will likely be on-board as well.