CashStar Tech Gives Gift Cards a Clear Path into Mobile Wallets

Mobile wallets are designed to make it easy to pay from a linked credit or debit card, but the process of using loyalty and gift cards can be a bit trickier. CashStar is working to take some of the pain out of this process for users of its gift card platform.

CashStar has gone from a mobile-first to a mobile-everything view,” says CashStar CEO Ben Kaplan. “Everything we do has mobile in mind, and CashStar needs to support all of these viable mobile wallet options.”

Merchants will have control over the consumer data related to those cards in addition to receiving reports on consumer behavior and access to location data, Kaplan says.

“There are not a lot of companies like CashStar, so they are in a unique position to do a lot with digital gift cards in mobile wallets, and it certainly doesn’t end with the Google Wallet,” says Brian Riley, senior research director and analyst with Boston-based CEB TowerGroup.