CashStar And Raise Partner For The Digital Gift Card Marketplace

CashStar has some news regarding a new partnership with Raise, the largest gift card marketplace.

The two companies have teamed up and decided to take the gift card industry by storm with a potent alliance that is sure to raise some brows. The two companies have struck a partnership in order to provide retailers with new opportunities within the gift card space. This includes sales enablement, brand management and risk mitigation. Raise has integrated with CashStar Exchange to bring digital gift cards on demand from an extensive network of the globe’s leading retailers and service industry locations.

“We are excited about our partnership with Raise, especially because they share CashStar’s commitment to providing merchants with security and control,” said Matt Kerper, vice president of strategic business development at CashStar. “This partnership will enable retailers to participate in the secondary market by making it easier for merchants to protect their brand, mitigate fraud risk and provide an excellent customer experience.”

The numbers are eye-opening, and that is putting it mildly. Close to two million consumers will now use Raise to save huge daily on everyday purchases using discounted gift cards.

The platform, in addition, will enable users to sell their gift cards if they so choose for cash.

“When choosing a distribution partner, we were looking for a company like CashStar that is focused on technology and innovation,” said Steve Rodgers, vice president of merchant partnerships at Raise. “CashStar is a trusted prepaid platform and a technology company that understands the need to innovate as the retail payments landscape changes, making this partnership between our two companies seamless.”