Beauty brand streamlines B2B gift card program

Sephora is all about offering top-notch service to its customers—even its business partners.

According to the Incentive Research Foundation and Incentive Gift Card Council, business-to-business (B2B) gifting is becoming more prevalent across U.S. companies, as they spend $22.7 billion per year on gift cards. Sephora’s new partnership will enable the company to claim a bigger portion of this market share.

By adding a platform from Velocity B2B, a division of CashStar, Sephora is taking steps to more easily integrate a complex B2B gift card program into its brand. The new platform will help the company grow its B2B gift card sales quickly, securely and cost-efficiently, while maintaining oversight and brand control.

Velocity B2B will manage the programs for Sephora, making it easier for the brand to broaden the scope of its B2B gift card operations. Behind-the-scenes, the platform will streamline how business partners order Sephora gift cards, as well as assist Sephora in better managing accounts, and expanding its reach to new corporate customers.

The digital platform also shortens the timeline needed to launch new programs and add new B2B partners. Additionally, the infrastructure reduces some of the burden on its adjunct support teams like finance, legal and customer care, freeing them up to focus on developing and growing other parts of the gift card business, according to Sephora.