Amazon Dash: Omni-Channel Marketing and Omni-Channel Commerce Converge

The news about Amazon’s “Dash” is a bold statement of omni-channel commerce – literally – creating commerce channels out of everyday objects like a magnet you stick on your fridge or washing machine.

You could argue that marketing has been omni-channel for many years, but what has been lacking are direct commerce call-to-actions. This is changing. Facebook has announced “Shop Now” call-to-action buttons for business News Feeds. Twitter has been experimenting with “Buy” buttons since last year. Google and Pinterest are both rumored to be working on Buy call-to-actions for direct purchases, expected to release sometime this year.

With the entry of these large players’ new offerings, we are witnessing a convergence of omni-channel marketing and omni-channel commerce. But what does this mean for merchants – other than having exciting opportunities to combine marketing with direct commerce?