Was 2014 the “Break Up” Year?

Q&A with CashStar CEO and President, Ben Kaplan

What is the one thing that happened in 2014 that you didn’t see coming but has had a most profound impact on payments and your business?
While I was expecting strong growth in mobile commerce, I didn’t expect the incredible growth we saw in 2014. Consumers are purchasing from mobile experiences more than ever before and the same drivers of mobile commerce this year will drive accelerating adoption of mobile payments in the next few years.

What is the one thing that happened in 2014 that you think will most shape the direction of payments in 2015?
Companies are shifting strategies from placing bets on a single mobile payment technology or platform to supporting multiple platforms and, in some cases, even signaling support for the entire ecosystem.

What is the one thing that we won’t be talking about a year from now that is totally dominating the payments conversation today?
The hype around Apple Pay will die down. The reality is that Apple Pay is a good solution that in time will have will broad adoption and address many payment issues and opportunities.  However, I expect it will be just one of several solutions used by consumers and supported by merchants. The ultimate winner will be the consumer, who will have several great options for mobile payments and simplified, secure payment experiences.