Take Advantage of the $26 Billion B2B Gift Card Opportunity

Velocity B2B offers end-to-end agency services to help merchants manage and grow their business-to-business gift card program with minimal resource investment.

Velocity B2B gift card program services
Velocity B2B gift card program services offer an end-to-end solution

Comprehensive Services

End-to-end services for all aspects of your B2B program—strategy, sales & marketing, program operations, payment operations, security & risk.

Unparalleled B2B Expertise

Experienced gift card professionals with deep industry knowledge and a track record of growing some of the most successful B2B programs in the market.

Sephora uses Velocity B2B gift card program services
Topgolf uses Velocity B2B gift card program services for its gift card program management

Scalable, Technology-Driven Operations

Leveraging CashStar’s B2B gift card technology solutions, Velocity B2B scales operations efficiently while making it easier for buyers to do business with you.

Security, Risk and Indemnification

Full protection for your brand, your buyers and your customers with banking-grade system security, risk mitigation and 100% fraud indemnification.

Velocity B2B gift card program services utilizes the industry-leading fraud solution
The Velocity B2B team is a collaborative extension of your bulk gift card program.

Collaborative Extension of Your Team

Working together with your team, Velocity B2B plans, resources and executes a strategy for maximizing B2B revenue in the way that’s right for your brand.

Aligned to Your Success

As opposed to retainer models that don’t incentivize growth, Velocity B2B’s engagement model creates economic alignment with your goals and keeps us focused on growing your B2B gift card business.

Access advanced reporting tools with Velocity B2B gift card program services

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