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Digital Gifting Survey

Leading Retailers Have Big Plans in Store for eGifts This Holiday Season and Beyond

CashStar surveyed leading retailers this month about the future of eGifting and their upcoming digital gifting plans. The survey results indicate that retailers have not only recognized the importance of offering eGifts, they have significant plans to expand these offerings this year. The vast majority believes eGifts are a successful tool in building loyalty with their customers and nearly half plan to improve the mobile shopping experience in time for the fast approaching holiday season.

The survey results indicate strong momentum for eGifts in the year to come. Key findings include:

  • 65 percent of retailers believe eGifts are a successful tool in building loyalty and establishing online relationships with customers
  • Nearly half of the retailers surveyed plan to improve the mobile shopping experience for their customers in the next year
  • 60 percent of retail partners agreed that it is important for eGift Card delivery to be instant
  • 45 percent of retail partners surveyed agreed that a combination of personalized video, text, photos and multiple design options are important features for eGifts

“Retailers are in sync with consumers who want instant and personal gifting options along with easy mobile capability,” said David Stone, CEO and co-founder of CashStar. “Insight from top retailers at our conference reflects that eGifts continue to be an important part of retailers’ strategy for eCommerce growth in a challenging economic environment.”

The survey was made available to 32 retailer partners including Best Buy, Gap, Groupon, L.L. Bean, Starbucks, Williams-Sonoma and The Home Depot. Sixteen retailers participated in the survey.