The CashStar Difference: Customer Service Innovations

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The CashStar Difference: Customer Service InnovationsSutherland Global

Over 400% percent growth in 2011 and international expansion in 2012 are just two of the reasons that we are currently transitioning to a new customer care partner, Sutherland Global Services, headquartered in Rochester, New York.

“Sutherland has enabled us to seamlessly integrate our technology into theirs,” said Liam Somers, CashStar’s director of customer care.”Ultimately, this will enable us to add even more functionality and continue to elevate our customer service standards and reach new heights of performance.”

And since Sutherland Global Services will be able to adapt to our technology as we grow, we will continue to develop and implement innovative tools to manage our retailers’ customers to the highest level of quality.

One reason CashStar knew we found the right partner in Sutherland Global Services is their corporate values and culture. Like CashStar employees, Sutherland employees are highly motivated to deliver the best product. And they are anything but anonymous voices on the other end of the phone line. Our CashStar Customer Care team is on hand live at all initial training sessions and regular weekly status calls bring both teams together to ensure seamless communication. Essentially, Sutherland’s Rochester-based team just feels like an extension of our Portland team.

“They understand customer service from the ground up,” said Somers. “When we say we require white glove service they know what that means. They recognize the urgency of every customer call and know that the empathy and professionalism they show is what can turn a customer into a repeat customer.”

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