B2B Partner Spotlight: GroupGifting.com

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B2B Partner Spotlight: GroupGifting.com

The CashStar B2B Partner Program is just one way we help our client brands drive additional eGift Card volume. Our API-driven platform makes it easy for employee recognition companies, loyalty programs, charitable organizations, innovative digital-only web resellers and others to add eGift Cards into their offerings.

This month’s featured partner is GroupGifting.com.

“CashStar is always innovating and setting the pace in the industry. They are constantly adding new brands and trying to figure out how to support their partners. We look forward to working with them to meet the next challenge and seize the next opportunity”.

– Eric Manno – Chief Operating Officer

GroupGifting.com develops innovative social and mobile technologies designed to revolutionize the act of gift-giving. Through its eGifter social gifting service, they create a fun and social experience for consumers while helping retailers unlock the viral potential of gift-giving in social spaces. eGifter is the perfect example of social and mobile commerce in action.

The eGifter app is available on the iPhone, Android, Facebook and the web. The app enables Facebook users to send, contribute, receive and redeem eGift Cards on the go and also acts as a digital wallet to store the cards. Using the app, Facebook members can give their friends a free or paid eGift Card with a birthday wish or for any occasion. The gift gets posted to the recipient’s Facebook wall so their other Facebook friends can see what’s happening and join in the celebration by making a contribution of their own, turning it into a group gift. Because all of this activity shows up on the recipient’s Facebook wall, the process is incredibly viral.

For retailers the eGifter service is a true friend-to-friend marketing solution designed to unlock the potential of eCommerce in social spaces. The service can be used to reach completely new groups of customers or as a tool for brands to monetize prior social investments by activating a powerful social chain reaction through their own fan base. The completely performance-based service enables retailers to choose the exact demographics of the consumers they want to target, including location, age and gender and offer an incentive if the gift recipient meets that demographic. With this true cost-per-acquisition model, retailers only pay a fee for the service when the gift is redeemed on their website or at their store.

For early-adopters with ambitious plans to make social and mobile commerce a reality eGifter is low risk way to finally monetize social media.

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