CashStar Product eGifting

Gifting creates challenges for all stakeholders. CashStar Product eGifting improves the gift giving experience for online shoppers, ensures gift recipients get exactly what they want, and enables retailers to grow revenue and reduce costly product returns.


Product eGifting Tablet - Nordstrom


Better consumer gifting experience

CashStar Product eGifting enables online shoppers to digitally send physical gifts by email directly from a retailer’s ecommerce site. Gift givers can send more personal gifts. Recipients get what they really want. A better gifting experience means higher conversion rates, more gifting revenue and fewer returns.

Convenient, personalized selection and checkout

Consumers select gifts, add personal messages, set delivery dates, pay using your brand’s payment options (including PLCC) – all without needing to know details like size or even the shipping address.

Seamless, fully-branded recipient experience

Gifts are delivered digitally by email. Recipients accept and tailor their gift or select a different gift directly through your ecommerce site. Checkout is seamless, requiring only a shipping address, and gifts are fulfilled through your existing systems and processes.

Retailer-oriented delivery model

With CashStar Product eGifting, retailers get all the features and benefits of Product eGifting using their existing ecommerce platform and processes. No new systems, no new vendors, no complex integration.

True white label product eGifting solution

As a truly white label solution, all gift giving and receiving interactions take place through your brand and your ecommerce experience. Customers engage directly with you and have the brand experience they expect.

Your systems and processes

Order processing, fulfillment, and customer care are all managed through your existing systems and processes. And with digital gift cards as the stored value instrument, the settlement and financial processes you need are already in place.

Flexible implementation and configuration choices

Select the implementation option that is right for your customers and your ecommerce environment. Choose configuration settings to align with customer expectations for payment, shipping, tax, and delivery. There’s no need for integration with other systems.

The data, metrics and analytics you need

Access dashboards and reporting for real-time visibility into product eGift metrics and for an overall view of your gifting program. See unified conversion metrics and a single view of your site activity through your existing ecommerce analytics solution.

Proven, trusted digital gifting provider

CashStar Product eGifting runs on the leading prepaid commerce platform that processes more than $1 billion in transactions annually and is trusted by 300+ brands, including some of the world’s leading retailers.

Industry-leading system security

CashStar’s solution is PCI DSS compliant and offers industry-leading system security including enterprise security controls, data encryption, multi-factor authentication, threat intelligence and configurable application and role-based access controls.

Best-in-class risk management and fraud protection

CashStar is merchant of record and takes on all fraud risk for product eGift transactions. Our revenue-optimizing risk management solution maximizes your revenue by greatly reducing false positives.