CashStar Business

Business-to-business (B2B) prepaid commerce represents a strong growth opportunity, and CashStar Business eliminates the challenge and complexity of building and managing a program. With CashStar, easily enable third-party organizations – such as other merchants and distribution partners – to purchase and sell gift cards and fuel growth—all while retaining full control of offerings.





Comprehensive Purchase Processing

Business clients expect streamlined, intuitive purchase processes. Abandon clunky, disconnected purchase experiences for a simplified, easy-to-navigate process with CashStar Business.

Direct Purchase

Provide an intuitive, engaging and consumer-like shopping experience for business clients to purchase gift cards directly

Assisted Purchase

Purchase gift cards in bulk on behalf of business clients.

Payment Options

Provide business clients with different payment options including credit card, remittance and stored payment.

Business Client Management

Not every business client is alike. Choose which businesses can access prepaid commerce and configure a customized experience for each. Grant greater capabilities and privileges to trusted partners, and fewer to newer relationships.

Registration Management

Approve or deny business clients as registered program participants.

Purchase Rules Management

Determine the rules that govern how business clients purchase, including delivery method, min and max purchase amounts, tiered discounts schedules and auto-approval of orders.

Self-Service Administration

Enable business clients to self-manage account info, users, notifications and the review and activation of orders.

Merchant Control & Distribution

Retain full control of the business client experience with management control capabilities. Additionally, expand B2B growth and success through the CashStar Exchange Network of distribution partners.

Order Management

Approve or deny orders, manage returns, resend/reissue cards, view history and allow business clients to self-manage orders.


Configure the registration, navigation and purchase and ordering process display to provide a branded experience.

Exchange Network

Access 80+ established relationships with distribution partners in CashStar’s proprietary Exchange Network.