Regal Entertainment/ Aéropostale


Regal/Aéropostale Cross-Brand Incentive

The program described below won a Circle of Excellence Award from the Incentive Marketing Association. Read more about the award here.

As the 2013 holiday season approached, Regal Entertainment Group and Aéropostale were interested in leveraging eGift Cards as branded promotional currency to generate incremental online and in-store sales, engage and re–engage customers and build loyalty.

The objective of the cross-brand incentive was to attract Regal and Aéropostale’s demographic base of teenagers and young adults with an appealing offer. For every $40 worth of Regal eGift Cards purchased, the purchaser received a $10 promo eCard from Aéropostale.

During the promotional period, Regal experienced triple digit year-over-year growth in eGift Card sales and drove a significant increase in repeat purchase behavior through their promotion. For Aéropostale, this test enabled the company to gather learnings for future cross-brand incentives, which it has since deployed.