Aéropostale's Irresistible Offer - How an Online Flash Promotion Spiked Sales

showcase_AeroWinner: 2012 IMA Circle of Excellence Award – Consumer Loyalty

Aéropostale’s young customers are both fashion- and tech-savvy, and the brand wanted to launch promotion that played to their love adoption of all things digital. A digitally-based flash promotion featuring eGift Cards helped them do just that. Aéropostale’s Free eGift Card with Online Purchase couldn’t have been simpler – or more effective. For every $100 purchase made online during the promotion period, the customer immediately received an eGift Card for $25 redeemable online or at the brick and mortar stores. The two-day, flash promotion was featured on the homepage, via a targeted email campaign and its social media channels.

The program successfully drove traffic to the Aéropostale e-commerce website, which contributed to the retailer’s total e-commerce sales growth in 2011.