eRetail Services

Digital gifting is a whole lot more than eGift Cards.

Innovative businesses of all kinds are discovering that CashStar’s flexible, powerful digital gifting platform can also be used to enable a whole new category of programs to attract and retain customers, and to improve customer satisfaction. Here are just of few of them:

Customer Care and Service Support

Enable your Customer Service professionals to create and email eGift Cards in response to consumer-satisfaction issues (poor store experience, broken or malfunctioning products, etc.). Deliver satisfaction right when it’s needed with an instant eGift Card.

eRetail Services can help you customer service teams:

  • Resolve customer satisfaction issues by sending eGift Cards
  • Defray situations before they negative affect your brand

Customer Acquisition and Re-Engagement

Take advantage of proactive, marketing-driven initiatives that target and reward certain customers or prospects with an eGift Card.

eRetail Services can help marketers:

  • Easily integrate eGift Cards into marketing and promotional campaigns
  • Push customers from online to in store
  • Increase shopping cart order amounts with special offers
  • Drive instant sales, or future sales with timing parameters

Marketing and Promotions Support

Introduce eGift Cards into your offer mix – they’re a giveaway that consumers can’t refuse.

eRetail Services can help marketers and agencies:

  • Easily integrate eGift Cards into marketing and promotional campaigns
  • Cut costs on branded premiums while offering something everyone truly wants
  • Integrate seamlessly with digital, mobile and social media campaigns
  • Link offers and premiums back to more sales/larger shopping carts
  • Gain the flexibility to implement and fulfill programs quickly, or to scale to any size

Customer Loyalty and Rewards

Give your best customers more of what they love – your products – and the most convenient way to purchase it.

eRetail Services can help loyalty program managers:

  • Create and fulfill loyalty programs
  • Build seasonal and holiday offers

Employee Rewards and Incentives

Make it easy and efficient for managers to engage employees.

eRetail Services can help HR teams:

  • Empower managers to reward their own teams
  • Offer your own eGift Cards or CashStar partners
  • Drive participation in initiatives with Egift Cards as completion bonuses

eWarranty Services

Quickly fulfill extended warranties and service contract requests with eGift Cards for the purchase price of the item, instead of replacement or repair.

eRetail Services can help Warranty teams:

  • Immediately resolve warranty claims
  • Measurably increase both customer satisfaction and loyalty