Technology Partners

Pre-built integrations with best-in-class providers help deliver robust gift card ecommerce capabilities while making it easy to implement and scale programs.

Gift Card Processors

We’re ready to go with over 40 gift card processors that manage transaction initiation, authorization, posting, exception processing, account reporting and more. We also support many self-processing merchants. Some notable integrated processors include:

First Data

Payment Integrations

We offer a broad range of payment options for consumer and business providers through integrations with Private Label Credit Cards and leading online payment companies such as:

Mobile Wallets

Seamlessly integrate prepaid experiences with leading mobile wallets and deliver differentiated innovation to consumers.

Web Analytics

We use cutting age tools to monitor performance—such as conversion rates and average cart value—to help our clients optimize strategy and improve results by syncing with web analytics systems and affiliate marketing providers.

Shipping & Fulfillment 

We work with our clients to help manage end-to-end fulfllment of online plastic orders—including pick-and-pack, personalization, shipping and delivery—with  integration to a set of international providers.