CashStar Assist

By issuing digital gift cards on demand to resolve customer service issues and fulfill warranty and product replacement plans, merchants can save costs and satisfy customers faster.

With CashStar Assist merchants and their product protection plan partners have an instantaneous, real-time solution to replace products or subsidize protection plans with a merchant’s digital gift.

  • Select and pre-authorize system users for digital gift card creation
  • Establish and manage rules regarding request and approval limits
  • Immediate automatic send of digital gift upon approval to customer’s email address

CashStar Assist empowers retailers with a means to instantaneously build goodwill and retain or grow customer loyalty through the delivery of digital gifts.

  • Simple, intuitive send process
  • Configurable reason codes and associated messages that capture the purpose for sending the eGift Card
  • Ability to capture and report on internal merchant specific fields that are important for tracking
  • Configurable permission levels, request amounts, and approval limits
  • Ability to upload lists with multiple recipients
  • Approval and reporting features enable merchants to protect against internal fraud
  • Fully branded CashStar Customer Care service support


All products within CashStar 5 are supported by:

Reporting & Analytics
A comprehensive reporting suite displays real-time performance data to enable effective program management

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Platform & Technology
Our Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform is trusted by leading brands for its scalability, secure PCI Level 1 compliance and stable infrastructure

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Value-Added Services
CashStar ensures continual program success and growth through its expert program management and best-in-class services.

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