‘Tis the Season at CashStar

By Tim Ermlich, Senior Product Manager

As the holidays are upon us, all of us on the product management, solution delivery and engineering teams are keenly aware of how important this time of year is for our customers. Whether your company is a restaurant, a deal marketer, a retailer, an e-tailer or something around all of those, if you have a gift card program, this is the time of year that can be leveraged to drive incremental spending and new customers!

We aim to ensure CashStar is ready to support what is sure to be the highest volume ever on our platform. The holiday season is a time of great enthusiasm and passion at CashStar and we have proven year after year, it is our time to shine.

Truthfully though, our preparation for the season begins in earnest during the summer.

Once through the peak season of Moms, Dads and Grads, we step back and take stock of our learnings. We inspect what has gone well and what we want to improve. Then we develop a plan to adapt and ensure we are ready for the peak of the holiday season when it is still almost 6 months away!

By the time November arrives, we have confirmed our integrations with processors, email providers and fulfillment houses are ready for even greater volumes than we predict.

We’ve gone through extensive load testing to ensure we know what types of increased load can be handled automatically and what types are best handled in conjunction with careful analysis. Improvements have been made to our infrastructure to allow for rapid scaling horizontally and vertically to meet the demands.

Everything from seldom used functionality to our most critical pipelines have been load tested, analyzed and enhanced to ensure we’ve mitigated bottlenecks. We’ve also taken great efforts to ensure redundancy is in place for everything possible.

We make sure we’re ready for the promotions that our Solution Delivery and Client Success groups have prepared with our clients to help drive holiday revenue. We leverage our lengthy experience of prior years to anticipate buying trends, and are keenly aware of what needs to be done to be ready for these promotions. We’ve also made staffing adjustments to address the increased order volume and to ensure we’re ready to respond rapidly to any unexpected needs.

At CashStar, we thrive on the pressure that the Holiday Season carries with it. We understand what’s expected of us and respond with poise, excitement, innovation and passion.

Making a list, checking it twice

It behooves all of us to prepare for the Holidays. Whether buying gifts for loved ones, groceries for the big meals, supporting an industry leading prepaid commerce and gifting platform or determining how to drive growth for your gift card program, it helps to make lists.

You can rest assured that CashStar has made tons of lists and checked them many times to ensure we’re ready!

So Happy Holidays from CashStar! May it be a rewarding time of year in every sense of the word!

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